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"Action expresses Priorities" - Ghandi

This is the sound of settling.

If you like her, please tell her.
If you want to hang out, plan a time. Don’t beat around the bush.
If you have something to say, please just go ahead and say it.
If you want to dance, go ahead, no one’s stopping you.
If you’re scared to move somewhere, move to an even bigger city.
If you’re afraid of rejection, practice makes perfect, right?
If you have small dreams, please dream bigger.
If you want to take up a new hobby, learn as much as you can and do it!
If you want to be successful, find your passion.
If you want to be a better person, believe with all that’s inside you.
If you want to be happy, find your soul mate, and don’t let go.
If you receive love, you must first love others fully.
If you want to be lacking, you should probably not do all the above.
This is the sound of settling.

In His Love,