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"Action expresses Priorities" - Ghandi

New Start Resolution-

This year is the start of a lot of new things in my life. It is my senior year in college, I moved up in rankings with Collide staff, I’ve made so many new friends, it is my sister’s first year in college. It’s all just a little crazy, but I’ve decided to make a new start resolution for this upcoming year:

1- Stay organized and get my stuff done on time
2- Take life to the face (whatever comes my way)
3- Not going to let little things get me down
4- Approach each day as if it was something completely new and beautiful
5- Love more (people, God, family)
6- Learn as much as I possibly can
7- Be okay with not knowing everything that is coming
8- Even be EXCITED about everything that I don’t know yet
9- Get creative in how I share about me
10- Check off a bucket list item

I am super excited about what this year is going to bring. I feel like the world is moving at about a million miles and hour, but is completely stopped all at the same time. It is exciting and nerve wracking, amazing but scary, and wonderful but a little sad all in the same instance. We shall see. A lot of things change over the course of a year. We’ll see where this ship is headed.  

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